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Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Day 2019

February 2nd, 2019

13.30pm – 20.00pm

On Friendship:

Bonhoeffer and Life Together



Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church

Dacres Road, Forest Hill , SE23 2NR



Guido De Graaf (St. Augustine’s College of Theology):

‘Each Becoming a Christ to the Other’: Vicarious Representation in Bonhoeffer’s Account of Christian Formation’


Short Break


Jacob Phillips, St Mary’s University Twickenham:

‘Bonhoeffer on Wellbeing and Literature’


Music: Norbert Meyn & Alisdair Kitchen


Coffee break


Nicola Wilkes (University of Cambridge):

‘Confession in Bonhoeffer’s theology: an encounter with the present Christ’


Music: Norbert Meyn & Alisdair Kitchen



Over the past two years, pupils and students have taken to the streets and demonstrated for climate justice. They call these events “Fridays for Future”, marking the day of the event as well as its purpose, i.e. a perspective to the future inhabited by the young who see their lives undermined by actions of the Boomers. At the same time, their demands are underlined by melting ice caps, floods in the north of England, and wildfires in Brazil’s Amazonas area, Australia, and the United States. With the 9th Bonhoeffer Day we hope to explore the relationship between these events and young’s people’s calls for climate justice and Bonhoeffer’s discussions of ‘wellbeing’, ‘bioethics’, and the role ‘confession’ plays in our society. Three talks by Guido de Graaf, Nicola Wilkes, and Jacob Phillips will make up the formal programme, while we also will have music and food.

For this year’s Bonhoeffer Day, we will explore the theme of ‘Bonhoeffer for Future’ through talks, music and discussion. As in previous years we will have music and plenty of time for informal discussion and fellowship over coffee, cake and food.


Everybody is invited to join the talks, music and fellowship when we explore the history and relevance of Bonhoeffer’s concepts for our understanding of today’s life together.

There is no charge.

To attend please register at:

Impressions from past Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Days


“Here I stand" – Honesty, Authenticity and Conscience

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