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Every year we try to offer a confirmation course, which is completed within a limited timeframe. Young people from the age of 13 can take part. The course usually begins in November with an information evening. Regular meetings in the spring and a residential week in the May half-term form the basic framework. The confirmation then usually takes place in the summer/early autumn.

Central topics such as prayer, baptism, faith, communion or the ten commandments are conveyed in a creative and experience-oriented manner. The residential trip is a special opportunity for young people to deal with their own faith and to say their own "yes" to baptism. This is mostly held in German, but can also be arranged in two languages.

Exact costs (material, free time, etc.) will be communicated at the information evening. 

For further information and enquiries please contact the parish office:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7794 4173


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