Parish Office of the Congregations London-East

Parish Office
22 Downside Crescent
London NW3 2AR
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Pfarrer Bernd Rapp

Since summer 2016 I have been pastor of the German Church London-East. With my family I live in the rectory in Belsize Park. Before I came to London, I was pastor in Pirmasens (Pfalz). I enjoy contributing to the fact that people can find a place to feel at home in this big city. I like to try out new forms of worshipping and am pleased to see the old message  of Jesus Christ blooming again and again.

If you have any questions about our parishes or what we do, or if you just like to talk, please contact me.

Mobile: +44 (0)7754 889 557; E-Mail:


Pfarrer Andreas Volke

Ab Oktober 2020 wird Pfarrer Andreas Volke aus Essen die Arbeit in der Gemeinde für 10 Monate unterstützen. Wir freuen uns sehr, Herrn Volke und seine Frau in London begrüßen zu können. Auch 2021-22 wird Andreas Volke im PAB die Gemeindearbeit bereichern.

22 Farjeon House

Hilgrove Road

London NW6 4TL

Tel: 020 7916 6501; E-Mail: